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Free SpotOption demo account and SpotOption platform review

See the SpotOption demo account and learn to use the SpotOption platform!

SpotOption is a developer of a platform for binary option brokers and provide a very cheap demo account: It is free forever. With these it is possible to test the platform with no strings attached. This post will show you how to join the demo accounts, select the right option type and place your first winning trade!

First, SpotOption is no broker. Other than at some fishy demo accounts you don’t need to deposit any money. Currently you don’t need even a valid email address. The access to the SpotOption demo account is a bit hidden into the content; you don’t find them in the menu. Most of the information at the homepage are for brokers and are not interesting for a trader.

You need only an email address for login name, a password and retyping the captcha. After you press the submit button wait and don’t press it multiple times. Creating a demo account take a little time. After the account was created, you get the quality demo filled up with $50.000. You can immediately log in and place trades.

The SpotOption platform

Understand brokers interface is the difference between rewarding and failing. Hence, this testimonial puts his focus at the usability. The interface is very simple to use. At the top of the website are tabs to select the type of binary options. The platform seem very stable and trustfully. All assets are sorted in 5 groups and the combobox has a search field, make the swapping between very fast. The asset view support line charts and japanese candlesticks. To place a trade you need only two clicks at one of the both buttons. The developer of the SpotOption platform have captured promotion videos, but the most important fact is that they don’t want to sell any crap applications or tell you strange stories.

  1. Your actual broker deposit. Open trades are not included in this sum. A new SpotOption demo account get filled up by with $50.000.
  2. The type of binary options. The SpotOption platform support current classic binary options, pair options, long term options, short term options (60-second-options), One touch (don’t get confused with Touch/Notouch), Ladder options, FX/CFD options, Spot follow options and limit options. The default selection are the classic options. Classic options are the recommend trading way for newbies. Beginners are often confused with all the possible types. Read now about the types of binary options.
  3. The type of asset to trade. This selection changes the content of the combobox at 5. A good starting point for newbies are currency pairs. At the SpotOption platform are currencies (for example EUR/USD), commodities (resources, for example oil, gold and silver), indices (for example Micex and Ibex) and stocks (for example BP and Vodafone) available. The default selection is the group Hot Assets. This group contains the most common assets of the other groups. Which assets are available depend at the current daytime and the selected type of binary options (2.)
  4. This button switch between the asset views. The available types basing at the binary option type, you have selected (2.). The choice of the view is primary your preference. A small tip: If you wait for a good entry point select at two asset charts the same asset, open the submit dialog at one and observe the price at the other chart.
  5. This combo box selects the asset to trade of the current selected asset type (take a look at 3.). If you change the asset all other information will change like the chart view, payout and possible experience days.
  6. The expiration time of the trade. This depends at your actual selected binary option type (2.). At classic binary options you win if the price of the asset is above (CALL, 8.) or below (PUT, 9.) the price you placed the trade.
  7. The trade amounting. Your win is percentage to your investment. You should strongly use a risk management strategy.
  8. This button places a CALL trade. You need to apply a new placed trade. It strong base at the type of your selected asset (2.).
  9. Place a PUT trade and is mostly like 8.
  10. Your pay out, if you win the trade inclusive your investment sum. Hence, it depends at 7.
  11. How much percent of your investment will you get if you win the trade exclusive you investment sum (7.).
  12. Sometimes get a part of your investment get protected and you will get back them if you lose the trade. It is full depends at your broker, investment sum, asset et cetra.
  13. With these buttons you can change the view of the chart. But the SpotOption platform don’t offer like all binary option platforms a professional chart. Using chart software like MetaTrader is strong recommend.
  14. This button hides 3 analytic with Moving Average, Bollinger Bands and RSI. has current no information about the accuracy of this analytic.
  15. At the bottom of the platform you will find a list of all your trades. This button swap between open and already closed trades.
  16. Here you can select the type of option to list.
  17. This is an actual list of your trades, depends at 15. and 16.

Place your first trade

It is time to place your first trade. In a real trading session is the first step to figure out in what directory will the price move. But it is more important to get a feeling for the platform rather than find the cleverest trading opportunities. That you don’t wait to long for the end of the trades, you could select the 60-Second-Options (Short-Term-Options). Please don’t forget, these kinds of option is hard to predict. Hence, trade Short-Term-Options only in a Demo account.

Here you can select either CALL (↑) or PUT (↓). After the selection, submit your trade with in the open modal popup. Now you can wait 60 second (that is the default setting) until the trade is done. Now do you know how trade. It is time to learn more about strategies, manual signals and autotrader. Below do you find more information to make money online!

Train is the main keys to success!

You can place some random trades to get a feeling for this platform because this demo account have a big fund and you can register a new account in less than 1 minute. So it is possible to determine the most reliable ways to trade and your favorite trading method. This unique simple and free Demo account has only one disadvantage: The SpotOption platform support current no Touch/Notouch-Options.

For beginner, it is recommended doing anything others to distract from the open trade. If you watch the trade you get may bad feelings or panic what cause in wrong decisions. Use a Smartphone to get away from computers between the trades. With this you can take a look at all your trades while you are outdoor, meet with friends etc. This is one of the most important beginner Tips.

After you have some feeling for the demo platform you can select a strategy and try to increment your money. No matter if you lose first more than you win, each body began small! You can collect experience until you are a top trader and start with your financial freedom!

Use a disposable eMail address to create other demo accounts!

If you use a Google Mail address you will get the rights to use this eMail address and all usernames concatenated by a + sign. If your username were example, your primary address were [email protected]. But you can use the eMail address [email protected] too. All eMails to this sub-usernames get redirect to the inbox of your main account. You can use each of this if you need a second eMail address like at the SpotOption trading system to create a second demo account or if you want avoid spam mails. If you receive any spam, you can create a filter to drop all incoming eMails in your Google Mail settings.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

If you don’t use Google Mail, a quick Google search shows much other disposable eMail services. You don’t receive current any eMail, hence you can use them safe.

Is SpotOption demo account and platform a scam? The conclusion!

If you read the review carefully, you know already the result. But to summarize all information about the SpotOption demo account and platform we want to revise them together. SpotOption is a verified platform developer and makes money with selling they to broker. Hence, SpotOption don’t want your money, other than fraud service schemes. You do not need current a valid email address and will not receive any emails. They are only for your username. You can join in seconds and trading with the demo account. You never need one penny to pay. There are no well-known scam tactics like other service. It is the most advance demo account available. That all mean only one clear verdict: SpotOption demo accounts are brilliant and scam-free! That’s why the SpotOption demo account is listened as legit tool.

Thank you very much for reading this review about SpotOption demo accounts and the general platform. Because is a verified legitimate webpage, you should share your experiences in the comments below and at social medias. If you have further questions, send quick an eMail to [email protected] or use the pretty contact form.

Free signal generator to train with your new SpotOption account

The best way to learn are free signals. There is a strong legit trading networks which generate steadily signals: Penny Millionaire. For investors is important to learn all binary option broker features. This legit apps was a long time tested, is transparent, offer life-time access, generate a lot profit and allow steadily withdraw of your profits to have a constantly cash flow for now and the future. Penny can trade signals full automatic, but you can trade them manually too. Continue learning immediate about and click fast the banner above to see, if there are still free spots available.

SpotOption – The Hidden Binary Options Empire

Even if you never heard of SpotOption, as a binary options broker, you have probably already deposited money with them. This is why you should know the firm. This article explains the details of SpotOption’s business and how it influences you as a binary options trade.

In detail, this article will answer these questions:

  • Who Is SpotOption?
  • Why Do I Have To Know SpotOption?
  • Why Is SpotOption A Problem?
  • What Are Digital Options And Why Do They Matter?

With this information, you will be able to understand who SpotOption is and how you should deal with the hidden empire of binary options.

Who Are SpotOption?

SpotOption is a “platform provider” for binary brokers. This means they provide the software, the banking, and almost everything else that binary options brokers offer to their customers. There are only a few platform providers that create the systems that most brokers use, and SpotOption is one of the biggest of them.

To understand the system, think of car brands. Most big car makers own several car brands. They develop a platform and use it for models with each of these brands. While these models are different on the surface – they look different and have different interiors – the actual car is often identical. You get the same drivetrain and the same engine whether you buy an Audi or a VW, a Cadillac or a Chevrolet.

In the 1950s, the U.S. car market was dominated by three car makers – Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler. Despite the few car makers, there were many, many car brands – from Oldsmobile to Cadillac, and so on. This variety was mostly an illusion that sold cars build of identical components in different designs.

Many but not all binary options brokers are the result of a similar illusion. They are the brands of a few binary options makers.

SpotOption does the same thing as General Motors, but with binary options. They offer the platform; binary options brokers add their designs and their branding. But that is all that the brokers do. As long as two brokers both use the SpotOption platform, it makes little to no differences which of the two you use.

SpotOption offers these services to its customers:

  • Trading platform,
  • Content management system,
  • Customer relations management (CRM),
  • Payment solution integration, and
  • Risk management solution.

As you can see, this list contains everything that you need to start a brokerage. Customer support, banking, the website itself – it’s all there. All you have to do yourself is come up with a name and design a few details, SpotOption does the rest.

In 2020, SpotOption claimed to have 300 brands or affiliates. These brands all looked different, but they were effectively the same broker. It is unimportant which of these brokers you choose, as soon as you deposit money with them, the money will eventually end up with SpotOption, and you will get your binary options, your assets, and your payouts directly from SpotOption.

The most prominent SpotOption platform was Banc De Binary, once the biggest binary options broker in the world. After legal complaints on three continents, Banc De Binary ceased its operations in early 2020. Other brokers that use the SpotOption platform are:

  • TradeRush,
  • iOption,
  • TraderXP,
  • Empireoption, and
  • VIP Binary.

All of these brokers are essentially the same thing.

Of course, this list is incomplete, but you are probably dealing with a SpotOption broker when you recognize these elements:

  1. Additional trading tools. SpotOption platforms usually offer such features as take profit, rollover, or extend that allow you to manage your binary option after you invested.
  2. Transparent market movements, large buy and sell buttons. The SpotOption trading platform is designed to make trading easy and get you to trade as much as possible. Therefore, it displays two large investment buttons – a green button to invest in rising prices and a red button to invest in falling prices.
  3. Trader’s choice indicator. Most SpotOption brokers use an indicator that indicates the percentages of traders that recently invested in rising or falling prices for an asset.

SpotOption allows its customers to customise their trading platforms. Every SpotOption customer will look a little different, and there is a pro-style trading platform with all the features and a light platform with fewer features and a cleaner look. Nonetheless, once you get a good feeling for the typical SpotOption look, you will quickly be able to recognise a SpotOption once you see it.

Why Do I Have To Know SpotOption?

At first, the technicalities of binary options trading can seem unimportant. Who cares how a broker creates its trading platform, as long as it is a good platform, right? Well, not so fast.

First of all, it is important to understand what is happening to your money. When you deposit with a broker that uses SpotOption’s banking solution, your money will eventually end up with SpotOption and not with the broker. This is a huge difference, and it means that you have to investigate an entirely different company when you check whether you can trust the people who handle your money.

This is the business side. But there are much more reasons for why it is important to understand SpotOption and the business idea behind it. Let’s look at the three most significant ones:

  1. You can better understand the relationship between brokers. If two brokers are essentially the same thing, there is no need to compare them. Instead of being overwhelmed by the hundreds of brokers out there, you understand that over 300 of them are the same thing, which makes it easier to find the right broker for you.
  2. You can better understand the risks of trading with certain brokers. Banc De Binary, the most important client of SpotOption, had to cease its operations after many governments cracked down on the business. Since all other SpotOption brokers use the same basic system, you know all about them that you need to know.
  3. You better understand the value of independent brokers. Not every broker uses a platform provider. Some do everything for themselves. These brokers are able to accept government regulation and are the most trustworthy brokers in the market. We recommend choosing one of these brokers because they provide an honest trading environment, unlike most platform providers.

SpotOption is not the only platform provider for binary options. Companies such as TechFinancials and TradoLogic offer similar services. The most popular brand of these providers is 24option, which sponsors soccer giant Juventus and partners with tennis legend Boris Becker. For a complete understanding of the binary options world, we recommend learning more about these providers, too.

Why Is SpotOption A Problem?

As the example of Banc De Binary indicated, there are severe problems with the SpotOption service. Here are those you have to know.

  • In 2020, SpotOption marketed its service as the perfect financial game. That is their approach to binary options – they focus on the gaming aspect over the investment aspect. In itself, this is okay – many people pay money for gambling services, so why not a financial gambling game? The problem is that most of SpotOption’s customers fail to clearly communicate this aspect of their business. They promise rapid profits and a simple trading environment, which is not what SpotOption provides. As a trader, you have to know that. If you want to invest, stay away from SpotOption.
  • Two of SpotOptions sales managers released internal documents that showed that 80 percent of all traders who signed up with one of SpotOption’s brands lose everything they invested. That’s okay – for a gambling site. Most people who bet on sports lose their money, too. But if you want to invest, stay away from SpotOption. Only use the money you can afford to lose, and know that it is highly likely that you will lose it all.

In short, SpotOption is a questionable business. We recommend staying away from it. There are other binary options brokers out there, and you are much better signing with one of the legitimate ones. For a list of government regulated brokers you can trust, we recommend taking a look at our broker list.

What Are Digital Options And Why Do They Matter?

As we already pointed out, SpotOption has recently faced legal issues. Their most popular brand, Banc De Binary, had to close due to many governments cracking down on the service. To face these legal issues, SpotOption has created a new product called digital contract that is supposed to fulfil government requirements.

Digital contracts are basically a rebranded version of the old SpotOption service. They offer a few new modifications, for example a new payout and expiry model, but, so far, there is no indication that the service has become more trader friendly.

There is simply not enough data to judge the new SpotOption service yet. Therefore, we recommend being cautious. There are trustworthy brokers out there, so why use a service where you are unsure whether it is legitimate?

SpotOption Verdict

SpotOption is a difficult topic. On the one hand, it has contributed significantly to the rise of binary options, which has also lead to the creation of many good brokers. On the other hand, SpotOption in itself is a questionable business that boasts about how many of their traders lose all their money.

We recommend staying away from SpotOption and its many brands. Pick a trustworthy, government-regulated broker, and you should be fine. Our broker list is a good starting point for your search. The leading brands all create their own platforms – not relying on any underlying technology.


SpotOption is a highly acclaimed and efficient trading platform software specialist, devising various complimentary services for the online brokerage websites. This programming sector present the best options for binary trading markets, which involve vast repositories of technological resources and complete solutions for the open markets.

Programs and packages of tools are always supportive of every branch of devices, whether these would be mobile operators or desktop based systems. The company follows a constantly advancing strategy, which enables them to efficiently utilize every aspect of the industry and integrate the platform into the frameworks of the services fully in cooperation with their methods. Those include any form of meta traders, stand alone programs, API and Plug&Play, keeping the technologies used in check and with reliant support for updating intervals. The brand is currently featuring also other additions that might extend the action and improve it in various ways at least.

There is the Spot Academy that provides enormous databases, where all the binary business information can be met. Even specific Spot Machines have been devised by the studio, which are robotic terminals, allowing for mobile sequences of the events, attainable from every corner of the globe. The industry is also responsible for tuning any features they create, proficiently targeting every bit of programming that is their expertise field at the very core.

Beste Broker fur Binare Optionen 2020:
  • Binarium

    Der beste Broker fur binare Optionen fur 2020!
    Ideal fur Anfanger!
    Kostenloser Unterricht!

  • FinMax

    2 Platz in der Rangliste! Zuverlassiger Broker.

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